January 16, 2019

New Year Home Improvements

The holidays can leave your home in disarray.  Make it a resolution to tackle these New Year home improvements to increase your property value for 2016!  Here are some ideas for your new year home improvements, both big and small. Big Home Improvements Update Your Kitchen Whether you’re looking to sell your home now or […]

Lighting Up Your Home

Lighting can change the tone or set the mood of an entire room.  Having the best possible lighting for your home can drastically increase how welcoming your home is!  Warm or cool, bright or dim, lighting is an accessory you should never ignore.  From lighting fixtures to bulb shapes, switchplates to location, lighting plays a […]

Energy Saving Home Improvements

When people start talking about home improvements, we tend to think of big expenses or long, messy DIY projects.  Most people are aware that energy saving improvements pay for themselves over time, but for many homeowners the upfront cost of such improvements prevents them from even starting.  It might comes as a surprise, then, that […]