October 14, 2019

Hygge Decor Ideas

Here’s a term you may not have heard of before – Hygge. It is a Danish word that is used to acknowledge a cozy moment or space. It is also a design trend that is sweeping the country. Hygge combines farmhouse, rustic elements with a touch of modern white and grey color palettes. It is a design trend that is supposed to invoke feelings of coziness and warmth. 

Hygge Decor

It is a design trend that allows people to focus on the moment, to slow down and appreciate what’s around. This design and lifestyle concept works great for those who are incredibly busy and need to be able to slow their lives down at home. The concept is so ingrained in Danish people’s lives, they don’t see it as something forced or stressful – it’s a way to find serenity and peace. And the design trends based around that concept allow for it to occur. 

Hygge Decor

A major piece of hygge decor is greenery. Fill your bedroom up with green plants. It adds a sense of a serenity to a space. Serenity, a key part of hygge concepts, can be applied in the bedroom – don’t worry about making that bed all the time. Keep it layered with lots of cozy blankets and let it stay unkempt and ready to be napped in. Keep a great stack of books nearby, and maybe a basket with a favorite disconnected activity. Hygge Decor

Keeping with the concept of coziness, it’s the perfect excuse to go out and treat yourself to some knit blankets. Nothing’s better than wrapping yourself up with one and some hot chocolate on a cold night. 

Hope this gives you some ideas on how to keep cozy and hygge all year long. It’s a great lifestyle concept if you need to slow down your world and the world around you.