February 21, 2019

Smart-Home Automation Inspiration

Smart Homes, just a few years ago, seemed like the realm of science fiction and pretty far off. But we’ve seen massive jumps in technology in the past decade and home automation has come to the forefront of home improvement. Not only does it increase the value of your home, but it is the start of future-proofing it as well. The world is moving more and more digital, and people are always connected to devices in some way. Let’s take a look at a few home automation ideas that’ll give you control of your home from anywhere in the world.

Smart Light Switches are an easy, and convenient, upgrade to a smart-home. There’s a ton of benefits to this style switch – imagine setting timers for lights to slowly brighten in the morning to wake you, having the ability to turn lights on before you enter your house late at night, or even setting the lights to turn on at a certain hour when you’re away. There are both practical and strategic benefits, you can make your home look occupied when you’re away on a long trip to deter possible theft.

TheĀ Nest Hello Doorbell is a unique piece of electronics that you can use to replace a doorbell. This features functionality such as a built in webcam, so you can always see who is at your door, and a mic and speaker so you can communicate with someone at your door – especially if you don’t know or trust them.

Temperature Automation is another great smart-home upgrade. Digital Thermostats now allow you to set the temperature of your heating and cooling system, including automating it to turn off and on at certain times. Higher end products even show you detailed weather reports.

Smart Speakers are another great improvement. Having the ability to wirelessly stream music in any room in your home, even different songs on different speakers, is great for when you’re hosting a party or get together. Plus, it’s nice to come back to a home filled with sound. Most smart speakers even have integration with an assistant like Google Play, Alexa, or Siri and can do extended commands – such as taking lists, setting timers, and adding events to calendars along with other tasks.

Home Automation is a great way to upgrade your home. The best part is it’s all controlled via WiFi and internet, so mostly all functions are available even when you’re miles away from your home.