February 21, 2019

Backyard DIY Projects

There’s only a few weeks left of summer and it’s the best time to polish up some projects before Labor Day Weekend comes. Hosting a party that weekend is the perfect excuse to try out some of these DIY ideas for your backyard to get it guest-friendly.

Hanging some string lights adds a great touch, especially as it gets darker. It will allow the festivities to keep going long into the night. These DIY’ers created a pole and light system that can be easily moved once the season is over and packaged up for the winter.  Click Here for details of this project

A firepit is a must have for summer and fall gatherings. It’ll keep you and your guests warm late into the night, allow the kids to have fun with making s’mores, and create a central gathering point as the evening goes on. Click Here for details of this project.

Having an easy way for guests to make drinks is key to any successful gathering. Check out this Bar Cart you can make in under a day. Click Here for details on this project.

Hopefully one of these ideas jump starts some creativity and inspires you to create something!