January 16, 2019

Gardening Trends 2018

Now is the time to be thinking about what you want to grow this year. Think about what worked for you last year and what you want to do differently this year. Growing is well, all about growth. Every year and season is an exciting new adventure! Below are some tips to help you have your best garden in 2018.


These days, space is at a premium—but, designers are determined to make even the smallest of gardens useful and attractive. While small gardens are by no means new, we’ve noticed great progress in the way they are designed. In this case, less really can be more.

Grow something edible. 

Nothing compares to the satisfaction of growing food for yourself and your family. So many people in America don’t know how food grows or how to grow it. It’s a great opportunity to teach young ones how to garden. Since the reward is something tasty, it’s sure to be a hit! Growing healthy non-processed fruits and vegetables benefits everyone young and old. If you don’t have the space add an edible garden to your landscape or just want something easy to maintain.


With so many mass-produced products around us, we often forget that people still make things by hand. The following examples prove that in the garden handcrafted is always best. We hope they encourage you to seek out an artisan next time you add a structure or other important element to your property.


The most common method for enclosing a garden is with a fence. Of course fences have practical purposes, like containing pets or preventing trespassing, but they aren’t always the most attractive solution. This is why we love the new style of enclosing gardens with lush plantings that offer privacy, yet are attractive and welcoming.

When you return home to your own garden, you will see it with new eyes. You’ll have discovered unique plants to grow and surely have a garden project or two in mind.