March 19, 2019

Adding Exterior Color

During this time of the year, many focus on spring cleaning. Spring is the time to remove unwanted cluttered  and bringing in new furniture to replace something that fell apart during the winter. Often, when the snow melts, a home will be in need of a few upgrades. Due to the hard winter, some may find that repainting is necessary. Repainting a home is a great opportunity to add new colors to the exterior of a home. Here is a list of some of the ways to update a home’s color exterior scheme.


Some of the more interesting exterior color schemes are those that turn tradition on its head. Take, for example, Colonial-style homes: Very often these are painted in a single color, many times white. While that’s a great solution, there are ways to update and modernize that choice, too. Whether operable or decorative, these accents add color and bring a historical touch to a Federal or Colonial home. For easy maintenance, look for fiberglass models, high-density PVC, or composite wood materials; they offer the look of wood but don’t crack, split, or rot.

Front Porch

If a home is surrounded by a more natural-style landscape, take one of two color approaches. First, pick hues that will make the home recede into the background of trees and plants. Or choose a standout color that calls attention to the style of the space. When it comes to pastel shades, white offers a successful accent color that adds contrast without being too jarring.

Front Door

A front door is a great place to add a dash of bold color and boost the home’s value. When adding color, look for doors that come ready to be painted and opt for a high-quality acrylic latex paint. Decorative glass inserts offer additional color and complement a range of house styles.


Painting a home’s exterior is one of the most cost-effective ways to update its look. When devising a color scheme, consider a home’s architectural style. An elaborate Victorian homes might be able to handle four or five colors, while Colonial styles look best with two or three. Also consider colors that can’t be changed, such as stonework on the home or in the landscape, roof color, and the palette of surrounding homes.


This practical aspect can have a big impact on your home’s overall look. For cohesiveness, choose a tone in the same color family as the paint or siding on your home or pick out a color that repeats hues found in the brick or mortar.

Back Yard

A backyard can offer a lot of room to play around with when it comes to redesigning and adding color. Staining a porch or adding color with paint will give the home’s gardens a modern finished look. Mix the furniture in with more natural tones to help it blend into the rest of the yard. Also, take the time to add flowers. Adding is a quick and simple way to brighten a backyard with color.

In conclusion, spring is a good time to update the color scheme of the exterior of a home. After winter, a home might need minor repairs. Taking the time to understand the unique challenges of adding color can help keep a home from looking out of place. Small changes can go a long way and this guide can help improve any home.