January 16, 2019

Shelving Design and Decor

Maximize space and stay organized simply by adding shelves!  Smart shelving can transform a room and offer more design options.  Try these shelving design and decor ideas in your Connecticut home!

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Shelving Design

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Update your interior with fresh shelving design ideas.  Perfectly placed shelves can offer better organization, create a style statement or transform a blank wall into a useful space.

Hello Hardware

Give your shelving a cool modern touch with statement hardware.  Try mixing metallic hardware into your design for a hint of glamour.

These shelves have cool hardware via cuphalffull-sf.blogspot.com

Shelving Takes Shape

Give your teen’s bedroom additional storage space with fun geometrical shelving.  This is a great way to keep your design creative and eclectic.

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Shelving Decor

Which of these accents would you place on your shelves? via Pinterest

The Kitchen

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Kitchen shelving is perfect for keeping your plates and glassware within arms reach.  Create an open pantry with kitchen shelving for additional snack storage!  Add potted plants or succulents to your kitchen shelves for a fresh touch.

The Living Room

Living Room Shelving Design and Decor via Pinterest

Shelving in the living room is a great alternative place for electronics as well as personal elements such as photos.  Keep cords off of the floor with a designated charging station set on one of your shelves.  This is also a great place to organize DVDs and remotes.  For an illuminated space, add lighting to the interior of your shelves.

Smart Illuminated Shelving via Doing Our Block