January 16, 2019

Bedroom Design

Connecticut’s winters may not be the harshest of New England’s but they are certainly brisk.  Whether you are a new homeowner renovating your new home’s bedrooms, or are a current homeowner looking to update your bedroom design, these rooms are sure to inspire your interior.

Traditional Bedroom Design


ARCHITECT: Addison Mizner
DESIGNER: David Easton Inc.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Pieter Estersohn
ARTICLE: Palm Beach Story, November 2014
LOCATION: Palm Beach, FL

If you are the owner of a traditional Connecticut home, you may want your bedroom to reflect that style.  This traditional bedroom design features a vintage chandelier from 1790 (a classic find indeed).  This bedroom could easily belong in a beautiful Greenwich home!

Contemporary Bedroom Design


ARCHITECT: Rockwell Group
DESIGNER: Rockwell Group
PHOTOGRAPHER: Björn Wallander
ARTICLE: Special Assignment, January 2014
LOCATION: New York, New York

Contemporary bedroom design integrates beautifully with a modern or transitional home design.  This contemporary bedroom features crisp white bedding underneath a painting by artist Roy Hamilton.  To replicate this design, keep the majority of your room’s details subdued and select a color from your focal point (whether it’s a painting or a photograph) to accessorize with!

Modern Bedroom Design

modern bedroom design art tatta

PHOTOGRAPHER: Pieter Estersohn
HOMEOWNER: Ray Booth and John Shea
ARTICLE: High Definition, April 2015
LOCATION: Nashville, TN

A mixture of textures and innovative design, modern bedroom design reflects an artistic and eclectic lifestyle without becoming too cluttered.  This bedroom architecture features an open space, high windows and a fireplace, which initially may have been tricky to organize.  Note how the color palette ties each piece of furniture and accessory back to the bedding.

Which of these bedroom designs inspires your new home?