July 21, 2019

Creative Kitchen Cabinets

How functional is your kitchen?  Revamping your Connecticut home’s kitchen cabinets is a home improvement project that will leave your space feeling more organized and efficient.  Get inspired with these creative kitchen cabinets!

via Home Bunch

Island Escape

via Steven Ray Construction, Inc.

Does your kitchen need more space for organization?  Do you need more kitchen cabinets?  Adding an island will provide more prep space and storage room!

Under the Sink

Hello cleaning products!

Ready to revamp everything including what’s under the kitchen sink?  Say goodbye to that unsightly under-the-sink area with a complete makeover.  These homeowners transformed their space with pull out kitchen cabinets to store cleaning supplies!

Go Green

Put your scraps to good use by adding a composting section to your counter!

A hidden composting area; via myhomedecorho.me

Transform your waste into nutrients for your garden!  This smart DIY is a great way to send all of your scraps to a separate composting bin.

Interior Architecture

Tupperware is neat and organized with metal racks.

Your cabinets are fabulous on the outside, but what happens when you open them?  Keep tupperware neat and tidy (and off the kitchen floor) by adding shelving or racks.  Giving the interior of your cabinets compartments for specific items will help maintain a neat kitchen.

These kitchen utensils are ready for use!

You can easily replicate this kitchen’s neat utensil drawer!  We love finding new organization ideas on Pinterest and tweaking them to fit our Connecticut home.  How will you create your utensil drawer?

Transform that awkward space into smart storage.

Are you ready to design your own creative kitchen cabinets?  Read this article from the DIY Network, “Planning a Kitchen Layout with New Cabinets” for additional tips!