March 19, 2019

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Create the ultimate trick or treat destination with these fun and creative Halloween decorating ideas!  Enhance your traditional Connecticut home’s architecture with cobwebs, greet guests with goblins around your front door and more.  Which of these Halloween decorating ideas are you going to try?

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Halloween Decorating Ideas

There are so many cool Halloween decorating ideas to try, especially on Pinterest!  Whether you’re looking to create a sophisticated Halloween soiree for friends or a kooky, spooky haunted house, we have the perfect decoration inspiration.

Outdoor Decor

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Halloween Party Ideas

Target has the right idea with this fun buffet! via Target

Are you hosting a Halloween party for friends this year?  Create a perfectly posh haunted hangout by adopting some of these funky decor ideas.  Before you begin decorating, pull all of your Halloween decor out and take inventory of what you have.  Eliminate pieces and props that are broken or can no longer be used; now you know what you have to shop for!  Don’t forget fun flickering candles and orange string lights!

Interior Decor

Create a focal point and use the fireplace as a design space! via Woman’s Day

The guests are dying to eat. Set the table with fun skeletons! via Giggles Galore

Channel the Addams family for a mini-living room makeover!
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