March 19, 2019

Wallpaper Ideas

Give your home a distinct touch with wallpaper.  From textured wallpaper to beautiful floral patterns, these wallpaper ideas are sure to stick.  Get creative and start planning which room you want to wallpaper next!

Create a statement wall
via Brewster Home Fashions

The Bathroom

via Decor Pad

Navy Grasscloth Wallpaper, Phillip Jeffries

via House and Home

Give your bathroom a luxurious finish with textured wallpaper.  Phillip Jeffries’ grasscloth wallpaper is distinct and beautiful without being too loud.  For a contemporary bathroom design, try a geometric print.

Nursery & Children’s Rooms

via FoxieOxie

via Project Nursery

via Domino Magazine

Are you planning a family?  Nesting is an important part of the pregnancy process.  Give your nursery an elegant touch with floral wallpaper.  Take time to select the perfect design that will grow with your space.  The first nursery features a more elegant floral design, while the children’s room in Domino Magazine takes a whimsical turn.

Bold Color

via DXV

via One Kings Lane

Step away from the traditional wallpaper and take the plunge with modern patterns.  There are so many bold colors and patterns to explore; here’s to finding the perfect unique pattern for your home.

Ceiling Wallpaper Design

via Laurel Bern Interiors

via House of Turquoise

Give your guests a surprise with a sleek ceiling design.  Wallpapering your ceiling is a fabulous (and creative) way to set your style apart.  Decorating an unexpected space (such as your ceiling) will definitely be inspiration for someone else, and a total conversation starter.