January 16, 2019

Decorating a Small Bedroom

Make the most of your Connecticut home this spring!  These tips for decorating a small bedroom can completely change your space.

Embrace Your Room’s . . .

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Steer clear of heavy curtains and embrace your small bedroom’s natural lighting!  Natural light will help to illuminate the architecture of your small bedroom.

Hang Your Curtains . . .

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Hang your curtains close to the ceiling.  This gives the illusion that your room has higher ceilings and more space.

When Shopping for a Bed . . .

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When shopping for a bed for your small bedroom, stick to smaller sizes.  While a large bed may seem luxurious, walking close to the wall to comfortably get into bed is not.  A large bed will also make your room seem much smaller.

Draw The Eye Inward with . . .

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Draw the eye inward with a focal point!  Consider making your bed your focal point, as it will most likely be the largest piece of furniture featured in your bedroom.  Ways to make your bed interesting include a decorative headboard or bedframe, a fresh coat of white paint or a bold use of color.

Stay Organized with . . .

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Smart organization is the best way to stay organized in a small room.  Clutter can make a room look smaller, so giving each item its own place is necessary.  Add shelves to keep items off the ground and minimize the need for furniture.  We also love the idea of pull-out drawers underneath the bed to store additional clothing!

For more ideas on decorating a small bedroom, check out Better Homes and Gardens’ article here.