January 22, 2019

Why You Should Hire an Arborist

An arborist is a tree care professional certified in the proper care of trees, shrubs and plants.  This spring, adding an arborist to your landscaping regimen can help to ensure your plants, trees and shrubs are healthy and looking their best!  Here’s why you should hire an arborist.


Tree Maintenance


Proper tree maintenance not only ensures that your trees are healthy, it can prevent potential damage during future winter storms!  Maintaining healthy trees during the spring, summer and fall can give you peace of mind during Connecticut’s windy, sometimes brutal winter storms.

Ask if your arborist is certified!

Ask if your arborist is certified!

Scheduling tree maintenance with a certified arborist is also a great way to ensure your trees are free of pests and diseases which can shorten their lifespan.  Identifying tree problems early on is the best prevention.

Proper Pruning


One of the best ways to keep your tree’s branches healthy is with proper pruning.  A professional arborist can determine the necessary type of pruning to maintain or improve your tree’s health, appearance and overall safety.

Emergency Tree Care


Having the number of a professional arborist on hand is a great way to stay prepared for emergency tree care.  Stress from extreme weather can cause a large tree branch to break, or even push a mature tree over; keeping a number for a local arborist on hand is a great way to ensure your property is protected.

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