January 22, 2019

How to Declutter Your Garage

Is your New Year’s resolution to be more organized?  Now is the perfect time to clear your garage to make room for your cars during winter snowstorms!  Save yourself the stress of cleaning off your car, while knocking “cleaning out your garage” off of your To-Do list.  Grab a recycling bin and a few trashbags and get ready to clear out your garage.


Organize your garage to make space cars or a neat storage section!

Paper Goods:  Newspapers, Magazines & Catalogs


Those magazines you insist on keeping in a stack in the living room always end up in the garage.  Say goodbye one and for all to the paper goods that are cluttering your garage!  If there are any newspapers you have a sentimental connection to, clip the portion you would like to keep, or save it digitally.

Outdated Electronics


The 8-track player you loved, those speakers that only work if you hold them at a 45-degree angle, the VCR that eats all your VHS tapes?  Toss them!  Everyone has a stack of outdated electronics in their basement they can do without.  Let go of the past once and for all; if you have electronics that still work (but you have no use for), donate them to Goodwill.  Check out this article on how to safely discard your old electronics.

Goodbye Old Paint Cans


Chances are, you’re never going to need any of the paint from the stack of old paint cans collecting dust in the corner of your basement!  If you have old paint cans to dispose of, read this article on how to throw away (or donate) old paint.


Once your garage is decluttered, it’s time to organize the items which belong in the garage.  Keeping tools and bicycles on shelves is a great way to maximize space.  Share your garage organization tips with us in the comment section.