July 21, 2019

Seasonal Maintenance Checklist

Prepare for fall and winter with this seasonal maintenance checklist!  With so many things to organize, prepare, clean and store away, we’re organizing your seasonal maintenance by room.  Remember folks, curb appeal is everything!

Curb Appeal & Lawn Maintenance

Connecticut Home

If your front door doesn’t already have a welcome mat, now is the perfect time to add one!  Your guests can dry their shoes from the rain and stomp off early-season snow.   Keeping a broom nearby to sweep falling leaves off your porch is also a great way to keep it looking neat.  If leaves are falling too quickly for you to keep up with, consider hiring a Connecticut landscaping company to help!

Clear the Gutters


Maybe the leaves aren’t clogging your gutters just yet, but this is an easy task to forget!  Mark your calendar to check your gutters intermittently, keeping them free and clear of leaves and debris.

Draft Stoppers


Keep the heat in your home this fall and winter with a little help from draft stoppers!  These nifty little contraptions stop warm air from escaping from under doorcracks and windowpanes.  You can find a lot of fun DIY designs, or purchase your own.

Clean the Fireplace


Prepare the fireplace before Connecticut’s brisk chill kicks in!  Having your fireplace professionally cleaned will ensure that it is safe to use this coming season.  Purchasing local firewood is always the best idea, as you lessen the chances of spreading pests from other counties.