January 22, 2019

Summer Energy Saving Options

Summer in Connecticut is projected to be a stifling one; knowing your summer energy saving options will help you cut down on cooling costs while staying comfortable.  How will you use these summer energy saving options?  Share your favorite ones with us in the comment section!

Natural Ventilation

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Never underestimate the cooling-power of fresh air!  When you wake up in the morning, shut any open windows or blinds to capture the cool air.  While keeping a low stream of air conditioning on during the day is understandable during peak summer heat, consider turning it off before you go to sleep and opening the windows instead.  The naturally cool summer air will refresh your home so your family can sleep comfortably and you can save money while you sleep!

Ceiling Fans

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Does your Connecticut home have ceiling fans?  Ceiling fans are a great investment, especially because a ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat about 4°F with no reduction in comfort.  Don’t forget to turn ceiling fans off when you leave a room, as ceiling fans do not cool rooms, they cool people due to the wind-chill effect.

Banish Bathroom Humidity

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Before you step into the shower or bath, turn the bathroom fan on to remove any heat and humidity from your bathroom!  This is also a great trick for decreasing humidity in your laundry room!

Cooling System Care

Connecticut home

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Maintaining your cooling system saves you money!  An occasional check up on your cooling system will ensure that your filter is fresh and you are getting the most out of your unit!