January 22, 2019

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a necessary task for any home owner!  Say goodbye to clutter, dust bunnies from the depths and residual germs with help from our spring cleaning routine.


Rule #1:  Clean Top to Bottom

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Before you start cleaning anything, keep in mind that you will be doing double the work if you don’t clean from top to bottom.  Wipe dust from your ceiling fans, light fixtures and tops of door frames first!  We love Real Simple’s guide on how to thoroughly clean your dirty ceiling fan blades; read the guide here.

Rule #2:  Make a List

Spring Cleaning List CT Home

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to clean the appliances, nooks and crannies and areas of the home that you may have forgotten!  From kitchen cabinets which may have acquired a film of germs and food residue, to the area behind the stove, we advise that you make a list to clean all of the areas of your house which you may have forgotten or overlooked!  Print Martha Stewart’s spring cleaning list here.

Rule #3:  De-Clutter

Declutter Connecticut Spring Cleaning Art Tatta

Do you have items just taking up space in your home? It’s time to de-clutter!

Now is the perfect time to go through each room and de-clutter!  Donate items which you no longer use or wear, and don’t be afraid to throw away items which are damaged.  Need help?  Browse Better Homes & Gardens’ de-cluttering tips here.

Rule #4:  Don’t Neglect the Tech

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We spend countless hours touching our keyboard and mouse as well as our television remotes, game consoles and controllers.  When making your spring cleaning list, don’t neglect disinfecting your technology!  Wipe down accumulated dust from computer monitors, entertainment centers and sanitize the items which you touch on a daily basis, such as your keyboards, to kill lingering germs!

Rule #5:  Goodbye Allergens

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Does your family have pets?  From lingering pet hair to drool on the windows from Fido looking outside, be sure to tackle your pet’s favorite areas during your spring cleaning routine!  This is a great way to prepare for allergy season before the pollen kicks up.  Areas to clean include where you keep your pet’s food and water and your pet’s sleeping area or dog bed!