March 19, 2019

Winter Home Maintenance

Maintaining your Connecticut home during a New England winter is easy as following a few simple steps!  Connecticut realtor, Art Tatta’s checklist will walk you through a few priorities for winter home maintenance to keep everything from your exterior to interior in tip-top shape.

The Furnace

Art Tatta Real Estate


If you can’t recall the last time your furnace had a tune up, it’s probably time to get one!  A tune-up will ensure that your furnace is running properly before the brisk Connecticut weather kicks in.  Frequently updating your air filters will also ensure that your furnace will run efficiently.

Weather Stripping

Weather Stripping Windows Art Tatta Real Estate

Keep your Connecticut home heating costs low by keeping the cold air out!  Check your windows and doors for drafts and use caulk to fill any gaps, and seal leaky windows with plastic shrink wrap.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture Art Tatta Real Estate

Cover your outdoor furniture before it snows!

Are you unable to move your outdoor furniture indoors for the season?  Covering outdoor grills, tables, chairs and other furniture will keep metal and plastic safe from the elements.

The Gutters

Cleaning Gutters Winter


Clear gutters of leaves and debris before winter snowstorms hit; this will allow your gutters to drain properly and prevent them from being weighed down.

The Chimney

Chimney Cleaning Connecticut

The before and after of a chimney

Who doesn’t love gathering around the fireplace during the wintertime?  Ensure that your fireplace and chimney are ready to heat up another season without excess soot clogging the way.  If you haven’t had your chimney cleaned in a while, now is definitely the time to call a professional!