February 21, 2019

Interior Decorating Solutions

Whether you’re a new homeowner or selling your Connecticut home, cultivating a welcoming interior is your goal.  Like any homeowner, you probably have a few interior decorating problems, from finding the right window treatments to decorating a large (or small) space.  Let us help with these interior decorating solutions.

The Problem:  Flowing window treatments do not work in my interior.

Art Tatta Connecticut Home

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So you purchased flowing drapes to give your room an air of romance, but they look sloppy.

The solution:  opt for Roman shades!

Roman Blinds Art Tatta

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Roman shades give your room a sleek touch while allowing you to adjust the amount of light you would like in the room.  Roman shades work well on windows with awkward measurements, doors, and even large bay windows!

The Problem:  Winter doldrums have hit and I have cabin fever.

Connecticut Real Estate Art Tatta

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When cold weather hits Connecticut, most people stay indoors and catch up on reading, television or nap time.  After a while this may get monotonous and your home can feel like a vice grip.  The solution:  incorporate life into your interior with plants!

Succulent Art Tatta Connecticut

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 Plants are a great way to bring a pop of color to any room.

The Problem:  I have a traditional-style home but love modern style.

Connecticut Real Estate Agent Art Tatta

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Give your Connecticut home a personality all its own by combining pre-existing traditional architecture with modern accents.  Infusing traditional decor with modern elements is a great way to bring warmth to modern design, and awaken the energy of traditional style.

Traditional Modern Kitchen Design Art Tatta

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Stay tuned for more decorating solutions from Connecticut real estate agent, Art Tatta!