January 22, 2019

Inspiring Celebrity Backyards

Spring signals the time for homeowners to begin their backyard renovations.  Need some ideas?  Here are five inspiring celebrity backyards!

The Garden Enthusiast

Patrick Dempsey Art Tatta Real Estate

Actor Patrick Dempsey’s backyard was renovated as an herb-gardening retreat for his wife!  Though it doesn’t reflect the Malibu, California-style other celebrities have adopted, it is lovely and welcoming.  We love the reclaimed wood scaffolding used to outline the raised gardening beds.

The Perimeter Garden

Kiera Knightly Garden Art Tatta Real Estate

This is a great example of a family-friendly backyard!

Actress Kiera Knightly’s backyard features a garden perimeter, which allows space for picnic blankets and reclining chairs!  Not as extreme as actor Patrick Dempsey’s backyard, this design is better fitted for a family who is looking for a touch of beauty and space for the kids to play!

The Bachelorette Pad

Bachelorette Pad Art Tatta Real Estate

Recreate this look with lots of overhanging trees and warm tones.

A new spin on the bachelor pad, Katy Perry’s bachelorette pad is a relaxing oasis!  This backyard design is ideal for a pool-dwelling aficionado.  The lush treetops offer the perfect amount of shade and keeps the pool area private.

A Condo’s Patio

Kate Moss Johnny Depp Patio Art Tatta Real Estate

If you own or rent an apartment and want to design your patio as the ultimate outdoor retreat, take a cue from Kate Moss and Johnny Depp’s (now sold) New York apartment!  Entwining vines give a more earthy vibe, while patio tables beckon you to welcome the day with a cup of coffee.

An Outdoor Family Firepit

Hilary Swank Fireplace Art Tatta Real Estate

Trendy and affordable, the backyard firepit is a fun option for your backyard!

Outdoor firepits are very trendy and affordable right now!  Actress Hilary Swank’s swanky yet relaxed outdoor firepit area is a great model for an outdoor family area!