May 25, 2019

Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party

Are you hosting a holiday party this season?  Is it your first holiday party in your new home?  Create a party all of your guests will remember with our simple tips for hosting a holiday party!

Hosting a Holiday Party Art Tatta

The Preparation

Make your list and check it twice!  Before you start shopping for your holiday party menu there are a few things you might want to check off your prep list!

Holiday Party Invite

Send your invitations via e-mail or text!

First, create your guest list and send your invitations.  Including a date for your guests to RSVP by is a fantastic idea, and will help you purchase the correct portions needed.  Afterward, create your shopping list with the food and beverage items you need for your party, as well as any party favors you would like.

Light Up Your Home

Enjoy decorating your home this holiday season!  A holiday party is the perfect reason to really deck the halls!

Holiday Decor Art Tatta

This festive chair design is elegant and simple!

The more detail you put into your interior design, the more festive the environment!  From a wreath on your front door to sprigs of mistletoe and holly in your centerpieces, let your creativity soar!

Tip:  Be sure to allot enough time to tidy up around you house before your guests arrive.  Close all doors to rooms which you would like to keep private and off limits.  Designating a party space will keep things simple and make the clean-up process easy!

No-Stress Hors d’oeuvre

Create a fun and sophisticated menu for your party guests!  The most simple way to tackle the menu is with simplicity in mind.

Holiday Party Food Art Tatta

What is on your holiday menu?

While potluck dinners are a fun idea, they leave you with a lot of responsibility.  Keep the organizing simple and serve delicious pre-prepped hors d’oeuvres so you aren’t in the kitchen the entire party!

Holiday Buffet Art TAtta

We love how this host used their window seat as a buffet bar; very creative!

Tip:  Setting a buffet-style table is a fantastic idea.  Guests will be able to serve themselves, and food will be readily available!  Best of all, you won’t have to swap socializing for serving!


Set the mood for your party with a specific theme!  Host an elegant Holiday Souree or a fun, Tacky Sweater Party!  Pick a playlist for your party, or choose a station on XM radio, Spotify, or Pandora; there are so many stations to choose from!  A holiday party is also the perfect time to host a Secret Santa or a gift-swap!

Holiday Party Art Tatta

Cheers! A holiday party is a great way to gather with friends!

What kind of holiday party will you host?