March 19, 2019

Home for the Holidays

It’s that time again, time to cozy up and enjoy your home for the holidays. Now that Halloween and the rest of that early-autumn period are behind us, the idea of decorating your home for the holidays is probably slowly sneaking onto your to-do list. But before you lug those boxes of lights, garland, ornaments, and wreaths down from the attic, take a look at these hints or ideas for decorating your home for the holidays.

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Add a touch of holiday decor to your windows!

Lots Of Light

We lose a fair amount of daylight as we approach the holiday season because the days start later and the nights start earlier. That’s why adding plenty of light to your home through decorations is so great. Lots of people trim the exterior street-facing portion of their home with strings of lights, but why stop there? Gently wrap some strings of lights around trees, bushes, and railings to make your yard look like a winter wonderland. Don’t forget to dress up your front door with extra amounts of lights to make guests feel invited and welcome.

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Welcome your guests with a bright and cheery doorway!

And who says adding light is limited to just the outside of the house? Fill the inside of your home with light to make the whole place seem warm and cozy. A string of lights and garland up the bannister as well as candles in the windows and on the mantle are great touches to light up any home. Just be very careful when using candles with an actual flame so your holiday plans don’t go up in smoke!

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Simple details create a festive kitchen

Forever Evergreen

When it comes to Christmas in particular, one popular and traditional way to decorate is to get a tree. The fresh, pretty green of plants like a Christmas tree bring life into your house when all the other plants outside have died.

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Swap out stockings for a different type of traditional holiday look!

Things like wreaths, garlands, and swags are an easy way to bring a breath of fresh air into any home during the holidays.

Home is Where the Heart is

Forget the food, the presents, the snow, and the tree, the most important part of part of the holidays is family. Store-bought decorations are great, but nothing beats pictures of family and friends, or holiday artwork drawn by the kids. Hang up the stockings and an advent calendar, Hide the Elf On The Shelf, and grab a big fluffy blanket for everyone to curl up under while watching a classic holiday movie.

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Warm lighting and crisp details create a welcoming holiday setting!

Decorating for the holidays is a great thing for families to do together, and that’s what the holidays are all about.