January 16, 2019

5 Ways to Prep Your Home for Fall

With the seasonal change, updating your home with fall 2014 decor is essential in achieving that cozy autumn-feel.  Small adjustments and additions to your home not only add aesthetic value, but a sense of seasonal bliss.  Here are five simple ways to create the ideal autumn experience.

1.  The Wreath

Pier 1 Wreath Art Tatta

Image Courtesy of Pier1.com

Traditional and elegant, adding a wreath to your front door is a great way to give your home a festive and seasonal element.

2.  Porch Accents

Porch Accents Art Tatta

Image Courtesy of www.momtoob.com

Add an element of whimsy with a vignette of pumpkins, candles, and elegant glass lanterns on your porch!

3. The Fireplace Mantle

Mantle Decor Art Tatta

Image Courtesy of www.rewards4mom.com

It may not be cold enough to actually light a crackling fire in the fireplace, but an array of artfully placed fall elements can create a sense of warmth!

4.  Seasonal Table Settings

Table Setting

Image Courtesy of WilliamSonoma.com

Seasonal table linens are a fantastic way to brighten up your dining area!

5.  Cozy Lighting

Candles Art Tatta

Image Courtesy of PotteryBarn.com

Keep your rooms lit with the subtle lighting of a candle without the worry of a flame!  These flameless decorative candles are a great addition to any tabletop!