January 16, 2019

Home Design Trends 2014

Planning a re-design of your interior is a great way to refresh your home.  What’s in store for home design trends 2014?  Here sre some inspiring options!

Image Courtesy of Interiorholic.com

Image Courtesy of Interiorholic.com

1.  A neutral base with a pop of color is a great way to keep your design open to change!  Natural, neutral tones, such as off-whites, beiges, and earth-tone variations are a great backdrop for accent colors!

Denoxa Art Tatta

Image Courtesy of Denoxa

2.  Bring a more sophisticated tone into your home or office with metallic accents.  Keep in mind that your metallic accessories will shine brighter and create a cleaner aesthetic when the walls and furniture is kept black.

home-design-information Art Tatta

Image Courtesy of Image-Design-Information.com

3.  Intermix vintage one-of-a-kind pieces for an eclectic vibe!  If you come across a unique antique, try centering your design around your piece!  This vintage bedframe creates an elegant focal point to build around.

Karen Mills Art Tatta

Image Courtesy of KarenMills.net

4.  Bold and refreshing, navy is a non-neutral that really ties a room together!  Choose your hue and watch as your room opens up.  Adding white accessories will keep the theme from going awry.

Design File Architectural Digest Art Tatta

Photo Courtesy of Design File Architectural Digest

5.  Traditional style is always in style.  Return your modern design to a traditional standard and give your walls new (reformed) life!  Fresh flowers always add a great pop as well!