August 25, 2019

Planning Your Move

Planning your move into your new home can decrease the stress of moving into your new home!  With the proper prep, the transition into your new home can be easy and (almost) stress-free.

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1.  Do I need this?

Moving Donate Art TattaDonate gently used items you do not use or need to your local shelters and thrift stores!  Clearing out the housewares, clothes, and other items you and your family no longer use means less items to move, and less clutter in your new home.

2.  Pack To Unpack

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Packing your items in an orderly fashion makes unpacking quick and easy!  Neatly stack your boxes once you are finished packing a room, and move to the next.  When you (or the movers) are ready to load the truck, keeping each room’s boxes together make it easier to keep track of your goods, while making it less likely for items to get lost.

3.  Do you need movers?

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Your level of assistance varies depending on the quantity of items which you are moving, the distance which you are moving, and your physical capability to move items yourself.  Now that your items are packed and ready to load into the moving truck (for the most part), you can visually estimate how many trips, manpower, and moving trucks you are going to need to make this as condensed a moving day as possible.

Moving Day Kit Art Tatta

This Moving Day Kit is a fantastic idea!

We recommend:

1.  Relocating within a reasonable distance?  Asking the assistance of friends and other family members might just work!  There are many moving truck rentals which enable you to be in charge of your move yourself.

2.  Relocating to a new area may require the assistance of movers.  While you can pack your items yourself, it may be easier to hire a team of movers to load, pack and unload your boxes of items and furniture.

3.  If you are physically incapable of moving by yourself, we recommend hiring a moving team to assist you from start to finish!  Movers are able to pack, load, unload, and unpack your belongings, making this transition into your new living space as easy as possible for you.

One Last Tip:  Make sure you have turned on your new home’s utilities!  Before you move, compare local service providers and schedule a date for your utilities to activate which coincides with your first night in the house!

Congratulations on your new home!

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