July 21, 2019

5 Ways To Increase Your Property Value

Whether you are looking to sell your house, or make it a more enjoyable environment, increasing your property value is a key player.  Here are 5 ways to increase your property value without breaking the bank!

mailbox makeover art tatta

Curb Appeal

The first thing you (or a potential home buyer) sees is your mailbox, curb, driveway, and if you have one, walkway.  Aside from keeping a well-manicured lawn, it is important to keep your home’s exterior accessories modern and fresh!  A simple, cost effective way to instantly increase your house’s curb appeal, is to change the mailbox.  When shopping for a mailbox, try to keep the aesthetic simple and neutral.  When in doubt, black is always best.

home lighting art tatta

Flip The Switch

A well lit house always looks bigger, better, and fresher.  Walk through your house and make a list of all of the damaged, dated, or distracting lighting.  Keep in mind that shopping for lighting can be cost effective; by replacing old bulbs or changing the wattage, you can make a light fixture (and room) look completely different.

flooring art tatta

Flooring Focus

Evaluate each room’s floor.  Replacing old flooring is a process which you may not be ready to begin, and that is completely understandable.  Consider renting a carpet steamer to remove ground in dirt and debris from your carpeting; the final product will definitely freshen up your room.  Do you have hardwood flooring?  Take a trip to the store and pick up the tools to buff and polish your floor to make your wood glow.

neutral walls art tatta

Patching and Painting

Everyone’s home could use a little bit of patching and painting.  Walk through each room once again, and make a list of the walls that need to be patched up.  If you are looking to make your space more minimalist, consider removing some of the picture frames and decor from the walls before you map out where to patch.  Once you have made your list, take a trip to the hardware store and pick up swatches of neutral tones which you would like to incorporate into your home’s palette.  When shopping for paint, remember that the color story should flow easily from one room to another.  Painting the walls neutral colors enables you to make more creative decisions in the future, while also making your house more appealing to potential buyers.  One more tip:  take the time to properly remove those dated wallpaper borders!

kitchen cabinets art tatta

A Kitchen Refresh

It’s easy to quickly overwhelm yourself with interior decorating ideas for your kitchen.  To keep costs low focus on revamping your cabinets.  By repainting your kitchen’s cabinets and changing the hardware, your kitchen will have a completely fresh new look!

Stay tuned for more ways to decorate your house and hilight your property’s finer points!