January 22, 2019

Lighting Up Your Home

Lighting can change the tone or set the mood of an entire room.  Having the best possible lighting for your home can drastically increase how welcoming your home is!  Warm or cool, bright or dim, lighting is an accessory you should never ignore.  From lighting fixtures to bulb shapes, switchplates to location, lighting plays a great supporting part in the story your room tells.

Warm or Cool?

Warm Cool Lighting Art Tatta

Warm Lighting vs. Cool Lighting

Warm lighting is more welcoming and is more frequently used in homes.  Cool lighting is reserved for office buildings and business environments.  If you are looking for a more modern look in your home, or would like to highlight the color of an accent wall, try cool lighting!

Lighting Fixtures As A Focal Point

Light Fixture Art Tatta

To add some interest to a room, use a fun, creative light fixture as a focal point.  We often see chandelier lighting fixtures used as a focal point in dining rooms or kitchens for a classic and elegant look.  To add magic to a little girl’s room, add a miniature chandelier above her tea set area!

Sconce Art Tatta

This sconce acts as a great focal point for the room.

If you would like to introduce a romantic modern tone to your room, choose a wall for your focal point.  A couple of interesting brass sconces can hold candles for warm, gentle light.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Background Lighting Art Tatta

Accentuate your backyard with outdoor lighting!

Through tactful decorating, lighting can be used to change tone and perspective.  If you are looking for a whimsical garden fantasy, place delicate strings of lights around your patio!  Accentuate and flaunt your garden even after dark by placing garden lights in key corners of your foliage!

The Beauty of Glass

Geo Glass Lightbulb Art Tatta Glass Lightbulb Art Tatta

Choose your bulb carefully!  If you choose to opt out of a lampshade, give more careful consideration to the shape of your lightbulb.  Whether your bulb is bulbous and bubbly or coiled and tight, your piece of functional glass art will prove to be functional and FUN!

Switch On The Style

Mosaic Lightswitch Plate Art Tatta

Your light switch plate can add to the decor of your room!  Shop for a vintage plate in a local secondhand shop to clean and keep as is, or add a DIY aspect with paint for a shabby chic look!  Plates with texture add visual intrigue to your wall, while the generic plastic switch plate is a waste of space!