October 14, 2019

Archives for March 2013

CT Cities Last in the Country to Hit Price Bottom

Connecticut may be one of the last states in the country to join the housing rebound, according to a new report from ZILLOW. The Real Estate listings portal projects that prices in the Nutmeg State, unlike the rest of the country, have not yet bottomed out. Also, ZILLOW projects a further fall of 1.4% in […]

Zombie Foreclosures Haunt Homewners

Since the housing bubble burst seven years ago, almost 2 million properties have started but never completed the foreclosure process, according to Realty Trac. While no one knows the exact number, it is estimated that tens of thousands of properties could be “ zombie  foreclosures”. Lenders have delayed taking possession of properties that may be […]

Securing Your Home During a Vacation

Whether you plan on taking a week’s vacation during spring break or a weekend trip to Cape Cod this summer, leaving your home empty shouldn’t be a cause for stress and distraction.  By taking some common sense precautions, you can help keep your home safe from burglars. First, take a look at your home from […]