January 22, 2019

Great Lighting

By Sharon McCormick

All rooms need some kind of lighting, but just because it’s a necessity doesn’t mean it can’t be a beautiful part of the decor!  Choosing lighting is like choosing jewelry for your room.  It can be dramatic, sparkly, subtle, or fun.  With so many styles and options available, there really are no limits to your lighting options.

Great choice for a lodge!


Great lighting does more than just light up a room.  It complements or balances out other pieces in the room, becomes a conversation piece, and adds interest to a space.  There’s no reason why a lighting piece can’t be as amazing in a room as a work of art or fabulous antique!

Now that’s a light!

Why not?

Layered lighting.

Gotta have it!

Only $98,500! I saw one just like it at the Hermitage.

The next time you find yourself considering lighting options, consider making a more dramatic statement or adding a lighting element that dresses up your room!