January 22, 2019

Improving Curb Appeal

Selling a home in a difficult market can be quite a challenge, but you can give your home an edge by encouraging potential buyers to take a closer look at your house with a good dose of curb appeal!  A few careful improvements can make a big difference in how attractive your home looks at first glance and can result in more viewings than a home that doesn’t look as well maintained from the street.

Art Tatta Curb Appeal

First, stand back and take a critical look at your home.  Make note of any shabby bushes, wilted flowers, peeling paint, scattered toys, or faded hardware.  Write down a to-do list and decide which tasks you can complete yourself and which should be done by a professional.

A good cleaning is often the place to begin.  A power washer not only spruces up your home’s exterior by scouring away stains and mildew, but also prepares the surface for a fresh coat of paint, if needed.  Cleaning windows, sweeping walks, and cleaning up flower beds and gardens by removing weeds and adding a fresh layer of mulch are all simple ways to give your home an quick face lift.

Art Tatta Curb AppealAdditionally, a fresh coat of paint on window trims and the front door quickly improves the overall aspect of the home’s appearance.  A new coat of paint looks clean and also gives you the chance to make the home look updated and stylish.  If the entire home is ready for repainting, shop around for a good price from a trusted, experienced house painter or visit the hardware store’s paint department for advice on doing the job yourself.  One compromise to save money is to paint the lower level of the home yourself while contracting out the more dangerous upper level to a professional.

Art Tatta Curb Appeal

Once the major improvements have been finished, it’s time to look at the details.  Could your front door use updated hardware?  Are the outdoor lights in good repair, or would a new set of sconces dress up the entry?  Consider adding attractive new house numbers, planting colorful flowers in new planters, or sprucing up the mailbox by repainting it or replacing it.

Art Tatta Curb Appeal

Improving your home’s curb appeal accomplishes more than just making your home more attractive.  It lets potential buyers know you’ve cared for your property and maintained your home well.  It reassures buyers that your home hasn’t been neglected.  After all, if you care for the small details, chances are you’ve maintained more important parts of the home, such as the heating, plumbing, and roof.  Seeing a well-maintained home, inside and out, reassures buyers about the safety of the investment they are planning to make!