January 22, 2019

Holiday Table Settings

By Sharon McCormick

For most of us, the holidays are a special time of year to spend with family, reflect on our blessings, and, of course, gather with friends and loved ones for big, delicious, meals!  Whatever the holiday, odds are you spend a lot of time thinking of the menu, planning each course carefully and shopping for the best ingredients.  The table setting probably won’t be top priority in your mind, but creating a beautiful table shows guests you care and instantly elevates the mood from “dinner” to “special event.”  Setting a lovely table involves more than just a tablecloth, your best dishes, and a vase of fresh flowers.   The decorating possibilities are nearly limitless!

An original holiday place setting by Sharon McCormick Design.

The original place setting above is one I designed for a photo shoot.  Notice the mixed place setting; it’s perfectly OK to mix and match china sets.  This approach adds more color, more interest, and more texture.  The place setting coordinates with the purple and orange of the individual arrangements.  These pumpkin floral arrangements by the talented Ruth Loiseau consist of a small, carved gourd filled with dried wheat and flowers. I used a sample from Thibaut Fabric as a place mat, plates by Julia Bond, and a gorgeous table from Design Source CT.  Lux Bond and Green generously let us use products from their store to create this unique setting.

In the next example, a table design by Annie Glass uses gold leaf to impart a holiday flair without being too obvious.  The result looks really classy!

Table Setting by Annie Glass.

Another tip I’d suggest is to think of ways to incorporate holiday themes without going the obvious route.  I like the setting below because it incorporates a Thanksgiving theme without using the expected color orange!  I also love the use of burlap for the table runner and napkins.  It’s a rustic touch classed up by the candles and white pumpkins.

A nice way to incorporate a Thanksgiving theme to your holiday table without using the obvious orange!

The Thanksgiving table below features a dramatic pheasant feather centerpiece that adds a touch of texture without being overly “themey.”

Amazing centerpiece!

You don’t necessarily need to rush out shopping for new china, high end napkins, or artsy centerpieces.  First, take a look at what you already have and try new combinations.  Look for inspiration in nature or at a local consignment shop.  I’d be willing to bet you can create a memorable table setting that will leave your guests feeling welcomed and impressed!