September 26, 2018

Outdoor Organization

Outdoor organization is a must for your autumn checklist.  Prepare your Connecticut property for winter now!  We’re tackling your outdoor clutter once and for all.

Designated Spaces

via Good Housekeeping

Now is a great time to begin planning backyard renovations for next year.  Map out your backyard to maximize your space!  Set a designated space for gardening and DIY projects as well as a space for the kids to play.  This is a great way to give everyone their own area outside without stepping on each other’s toes!  Planning your backyard makeover now gives you more time to tweak your plans and find cost-effective solutions.

The Potting Area

via LWO

If you’re an avid gardener, you know that potting plants can get very messy very quick.   Stay organized (and have less of a clean up) by adding a potting bench.  Transform an old workbench into a personalized potting area or purchase this one with ample storage.  Move your potting area into your garage or mudroom if you are able to, or place a tarp over it during the cold months.

Where’s the Hose?

via Suncast

Whether you were watering the garden or cleaning the car, the hose always seems to be underfoot.  Keep your hose neat, tidy and untangled with this awesome hideaway from Suncast.

Tools & Things

via Good Housekeeping

Give your tools a place to eliminate clutter once and for all.  Create a space in your shed or garage where you can hang tools.  If you don’t have space inside your garage or shed, get creative and hang them on the side.


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