September 26, 2018

Laundry Room Design

Create the ultimate laundry room with a few simple tips and tricks.  A new laundry room design is a great way to stay organized.  Here are some of our favorite ideas for you to try.

Creating a Laundry Room

Transform a door with stained glass and decals; via Home Bunch

If your Connecticut home doesn’t have a designated space for laundry, create one!  Consider transforming an unused pantry, large closet or mud room into a laundry room.  If you don’t have a room, consider sectioning out a part of the basement, mud room, etc.

This closet was transformed into a neat, hidden laundry room; via Cherished Bliss

Creating the Perfect Space

This compact laundry room design’s cheery door brightens the entire space; via Classy Clutter

Create a space you want to spend time in.  Begin by selecting a cheerful color palette to refer to for a cohesive look.  If you are working within a small space, paint can give the illusion of more room; try opting for a crisp palette with a statement wall.  Your laundry room is also a great place for tile flooring, which is easy to clean.  A soft, sumptuous area rug is also a great way to add to your laundry room design.

A rug can instantly pull a room together; via Pinterest

Baskets & Organization

via Jenna Sue Design Co.

When shopping for accessories, try to select items which serve a purpose while adding to your design.  You can never have too many baskets in a laundry room!  Keep laundry accessories neat with shelving and hooks.  If you need more counter space, a rolling bar cart can come in handy!

IKEA’s RÅSKOG Cart is perfect for laundry room organization; IKEA.

This is a creative way to build an all-in-one station; via

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