September 25, 2018

Patio Design

Warm weather is here!  Cultivate the perfect area for your family and friends to enjoy the summer without leaving the house.  Give your Connecticut home another place to entertain by refreshing your patio design.


Bookmark your favorite patio designs to channel inspiration; via HGTV

Small Patio Design

Small Patio Area

This makeshift patio area is compact and chic via Pinterest

The most common problem homeowners ask is how they can make the most out of their space.  A smart design is key when your backyard has limited space.  Try mapping out your area, and measuring how much room you have to work with.

Spacious Outdoor Design


The shape of this sitting area keeps the conversation going; via Pinterest

A spacious outdoor area may seem overwhelming to design.  The solution?  Think bigger with furniture and accessories!  This sitting area surrounds a portable fire pit, ideal for summer nights.

Patio Furniture Inspiration

Patio Furniture

When in doubt, opt for wicker furniture via At Home Arkansas

Your furniture sets the tone for your outdoor area!  If you need a fresh take on your outdoor furniture, add accents such as pillows and throws.  Wicker furniture is great for new homeowners who have never purchased patio furniture before.  Wicker furniture is versatile and classic for outdoor design.

Plants & Decor

Patio Details

Lanterns, candles and potted plants are the perfect outdoor accents; via Pinterest

Once you have created the base of your design, add plants and decor to personalize your space.  Tiki torches, lanterns and string lights are great outdoor lighting solutions.  Pinterest has so many great DIY projects to inspire your patio design!


We found this very cool vintage cooler DIY on Pinterest; via Pinterest

Stay tuned for more patio design ideas on our Connecticut real estate blog!  We love home improvement and are always looking to hear your favorite tips; tweet at “@enjoyctlive”!


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