December 13, 2018

Painted Ceiling Ideas

Highlight your Connecticut home’s architecture with a pop of color.  Think higher than your four walls and transform your interior with these painted ceiling ideas!


Entryway Decor



Coordinate your entryway’s front door and ceiling; this is a great way to draw the eye upward.  The beautiful neutrals leave space for a bold feature such as the painted ceiling.

The Dining Room



Create the illusion of space by painting your ceiling.  This painted ceiling elevates the style of this dining room design.

The Living Room


via Architectural Digest

Brighten up your living room this season by painting your hardwood floors and your ceiling.  This will give your living room a fresh feel from top to bottom.

The Home Library


via Architectural Digest

The molding of this library is highlighted with a soft sky blue.  This is a great example of a relaxing palette for home library inspiration.

The Faux Finish


via Architectural Digest

Hiring a professional decorative painter to give your ceiling an elegant faux finish is a great way to transform your room.  Working with a professional decorative painter is a great way to ensure your vision is perfected.

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