December 13, 2018

Kitchen Pantry Organization

Refresh your house with these kitchen pantry organization ideas!  Organizing your kitchen pantry is a great way to create storage space.  Which of these kitchen pantry organization ideas would fit your Connecticut home best?  Tweet at us


This beautiful open shelving works as pantry storage via Architectural Digest

Create a Game Plan


These dimensions are all mapped out!
Via Chris Loves Julia

Before you take on your kitchen pantry organization project, create a game plan!  Are you creating an entirely new space?  Are you renovating a small closet to create a new kitchen pantry area?  Mapping out your vision will make the entire process quick and seamless!

Kitchen Pantry Organization Details


This is a great way to keep your baking pans together.
Via Pinterest

Once you have your kitchen pantry plan laid out, it’s time to shop for the details.  The key to an organized kitchen pantry is creating a space for everything.  Labeling each item’s space is a great way to keep your pantry organized.

The Walk-In Kitchen Pantry


Barn doors are a chic farmhouse touch via Pinterest


Transform your small space into a kitchen pantry via BHG

Kitchen Pantry Alternatives


Showcase your heirlooms instead of hiding them away in a pantry via Architectural Digest


This renovated hutch works as a wonderfully organized kitchen pantry via Designed with Carla Aston

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