December 13, 2018

Wall Inspiration

Highlight your Connecticut home’s architecture and add a personal touch with our wall inspiration ideas!  Say goodbye to neutral paint tones or outdated wallpaper with these beautiful wall ideas for both traditional and modern Connecticut homes.  Share your favorite wall makeovers with us in the comment section!


Linen Wallpaper


Linen wallpaper is elegant and timeless.  The textural aspect will add to your interior and create a sophisticated aesthetic.  For a more modern or transitional interior design style, browse linen wallpaper with metallic detailing.

A Chalkboard Wall



A chalkboard wall is a great way to share an inspirational message in a creative way, or keep the family organized!  If you want to test this cool DIY project out, pick up a can of chalkboard spray paint at your local craft store.

Install a Mural


A mural is a fabulous investment piece for your home.  There are so many different mural styles to select from; consider placing a beautiful chinoiserie-inspired mural in your dining room!

Ceiling Details


If you are set on a neutral wall color, consider painting your ceiling!  This is a great way to draw the eye upward and change the entire feel of a room.


What are your favorite wall inspiration picks?  Share them with us!

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