October 20, 2018

Crafty Home Improvements

Personalize your Connecticut home with crafty home improvements!  Maximize space, improve curb appeal or update with one of these do it yourself home improvement projects.  Do you have a home improvement project to share with us?  Leave it in the comment section!

Curb Appeal

Trash Bin Curb Appeal Art Tatta CT

Front Door Makeover Art Tatta CT

Take your curb appeal up a notch with some clever home improvements.  Hiding your trash bins with a neat mini-shed is a great way to keep your yard looking orderly and beautiful, while updating your front door with a fresh coat of paint transforms your home’s overall look!  Check out the steps for both of these DIYs (and more easy home improvements) here.

Garden Update

Garden Update DIY Art Tatta CT

If your lawnmower keeps biting closer and closer into your flower garden, the solution is simple!  Adding a beautiful stone barrier is a great way protect your flowers.  Read the “Brick Edging” DIY guide here.

Add Molding

Adding Molding to Wall

Do you have a specific area of your home that needs something?  Add molding for a chic update!  View the step-by-step guide here.

Vent Update

Vent Covers Art Tatta CT

If you have unsightly vent, update it with a little bit of paint!  After a coat of spray paint, your vent will simply be a room detail.

Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

Bathroom Update DIY Art Tatta

Give your bathroom cabinets a refreshing makeover simply by deepening the stain of the wood!  A beautiful lacquered finish would work well for a modern finish.

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