October 20, 2018

4 Fall Home Maintenance Musts

In Connecticut the trees are losing the last of their leaves fast!  Keep your Connecticut property orderly and sophisticated with these 4 fall home maintenance musts.

Clean the Gutters

Take time to make sure that your gutters are free of leaves and debris.  Inspect joints and replace damaged gutters with new parts equipped with leaf guards!

Clean Gutters Art Tatta


Caulk Your Windows

Inspect all of your windows and door frames for cracks that might let heat escape this winter!  Caulking and sealing is an inexpensive task and prevents the buildup of water and mold.

Caulk Window Art Tatta

Inspect the Roof

Now is the ideal time to check your roof for missing or loose shingles.  Taking care of any roof damage right now could prevent more expensive damage to your house during winter storms.

Inspect Roof Art Tatta

Seal Your Driveway

Give your driveway a refresh by sealing its cracks before winter!  First, clean out and repair any damage with driveway filler before you coat with a commercial sealer.

Seal Driveway Art Tatta

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