July 16, 2018

Spring Cleaning Guide

Prep your home to sell early this spring with this spring cleaning guide!  Minimize your clutter and re-organize your space to make your home feel larger and more valuable.  Besides, who doesn’t love a clean home?

Kitchen Art Tatta Real Estate

This kitchen is shiny and clean!

Prep Your Tools

Before you begin your spring cleaning, prepare yourself with the following items for a more efficient clean!

Spring Cleaning Art Tatta

  • Garbage Bags – Ideal for cleaning out garbage, or packing up clothing, shoes and other items you no longer use for donation!
  • Natural Cleaners – Sanitize your home safely, with environmentally-friendly cleaners!
  • Vacuum – Sometimes a broom isn’t enough!
  • Swiffer – A Swiffer collects and traps dust instead of sweeping it into the air.  Swiffers are also ideal for hard to reach areas.
  • Laundry Basket- Toss all of the items you would like to refresh and wash into your laundry basket.  Less piles means a more efficient clean!

Make a Game Plan

Spring Cleaning

Avoid frustration by mapping out your spring cleaning plan!

Are you going to tackle all of your spring cleaning at once?  Is that a realistic goal?  It’s important to start your spring cleaning with a clear game plan to ensure that no task is left unfinished.  Starting and stopping will only hinder your momentum and discourage you from feeling successful.  If you are able to take an entire day to accomplish your entire spring cleaning list, make sure you have segmented out your day properly; if you need to break up your spring cleaning, that’s okay too!

Room by Room

Try tackling one room at a time.  This will make you feel accomplished and assist you in keeping track of what has already been cleaned.

Spring Cleaning Art Tatta

When cleaning the kitchen, be sure to check expiration dates on food items.  Throw away any items which are unedible or past the Best By date to make room for new groceries.  When cleaning the fridge, consider de-odorizing it with baking soda and lemon.

When cleaning the living room, start from top to bottom.  Dust all of the light fixtures and fans first so the dust doesn’t fall on a freshly-vacuumed floor.

When cleaning bedrooms, completely emptying closets will allow you to see what you have, and come to conclusions on what to keep and what to donate or store.

When cleaning the bathroom, wipe down all surfaces and disinfect for a complete clean.  If needed, allow the products to sit (see the product’s cleaning label to ensure that it is safe to do so), while you take on another task.

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