December 13, 2018

Prep Your House to Sell This Winter

Is your property currently on the market?  Prep your house to sell this winter with our Winter Real Estate checklist!

A Clear Path

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Image Courtesy of Southern Living

While prepping your home for display, be sure to remember the walkway to your entrance.  Clear any residual Autumn leaves from the front lawn as well as the patio, walkway, and entrance steps.  It is also important to ensure that all walkways and sidewalks are clear of snow and ice, which could be a potential slipping hazard.

A Warm Welcome

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A welcoming entrance leaves a positive first impression on potential home buyers!

Your home is a place to feel cozy, warm and welcome; provide the same experience for your potential buyers!  Warming up the house to a comfortable temperature during the showing and setting a clean, cozy tone will allow your potential home-buyers to envision the house as their own.

Tip:  Accents such as a wreath and a new doormat are details that make a positive first impression upon entering the house.

Holiday Decoration Maintenance

Storing Christmas Tree Art Tatta

Are your holiday decorations still up?  Remove any holiday decorations that are unnecessary, as they can make the house feel cluttered and personal.  It is important to create an environment which the potential-buyers can envision living in; too many personal effects can deter the buyers.

Tip:  Use your judgement when assessing what decorations to put into storage.  While it is probably best to take down the Christmas tree, leaving a holiday wreath on the front door is welcoming.

Bright and Fresh

Open Curtains Art Tatta

Beat winter’s gloom simply by opening the curtains!

Before you welcome potential buyers for a tour of your house, open the blinds and windows of each room to defeat winter’s cloudy drearieness; proper lighting is vital when showcasing a home, as it highlights your interior’s accents and features.  Keeping a neutral-clean aroma in the house is also important when placing your house on display.  Lighting neutral, linen-fragranced candles (or other non-heady scents) are also a great way to freshen up your rooms before your buyers arrive.

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