October 18, 2018

Yale Peabody Museum in New Haven, Connecticut

The Peabody Museum in New Haven, Connecticut sparks the interest of children and adults alike.  With exhibits of towering dinosaur skeletons, glimmering geodes, unmasked mummies and more, there is much to get lost in and learn about.  The Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History ‘s earliest museum collection dates back to the 18th century!  With a mission to “advance the understanding of the Earth’s history through geological, biological, and anthropological research”, the Peabody Museum’s good intention to initiate new strains of thought and wonder is admirable.

The Peabody has three floors, both filled with permanent halls and temporary exhibits.  If this is your first time visiting the museum, I highly recommend starting with The Great Hall, a vast room towering with fossil skeletons of dinosaurs.  The Great Hall’s Age of Reptiles Mural by Zallinger allows you delve in further with an online film and podcast, so you can continue your education in the confines in your own home!  Following The Great Hall, I insist upon viewing the exhibit of Fossil Fragments:  The Riddle of Human Origins, which is filled with a history of fossil hunting, and interactive items.

Dinosaur Fossils Jeanne Bailey

Peabody Mural Jeanne BaileyMoving onto the second level and into the Discovery Room, your curiosity will peak as the golden rule in the Discovery Room is “Please Touch”.  One of the most popular rooms of the Peabody, the Discovery Room includes a tank of colorful poison dart frogs (do not touch these), a mini-exhibit explaining how to identify tree bark by touch, footprint replicas of dinosaur tracks and more!  Any and all of your questions can be answered by the assigned curator in charge of this exhibit.

Discovery Room Jeanne Bailey

On the third floor, one is drawn into The Daily Life of Ancient Egypt, which includes the black diorite Bust of a Ptolemaic King, the granite head of Osiris, and of course a mummy with an inscribed tomb.  Let your wonder take flight as you move into the Birds of Connecticut room, which is filled with beautiful taxidermy birds that you can view up close and personal!  There are 722 mounted specimens and more than 300 species  in this ever changing exhibit.  The third floor is full of geodes, dioramas, and more!

Mummy Jeanne Bailey

For an afternoon to satiate your inquisitive nature, the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History is one stop you should add to your Connecticut Bucket List.  (Visiting information can be found here.)

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