July 16, 2018

Open House Prep

Hosting an open house is a fabulous way to showcase your home to a variety of potential buyers.  This Open House Prep list makes preparing your house easy and stress-free! I want a wreath for every season. And  a black door. 1.  Scent is such a powerful memory trigger, and can be the key to creating an emotional bond for potential buyers.  The luxury company 12:29 is multi-million dollar enterprise built upon the idea that a properly fragranced space can influence consumers.  Take this tip from orchestrators of luxe runway shows to renowned museum exhibits when setting the tone for your home.  You are selling something, after all.Find a narrow glass and cut your lavender stems just below the rim of the glass. Tie with twine. The heat from the candle will help carry the smell of the lavender. 2.  Keeping minimalist decor is vital in opening your space.  The clutter of superfluous items is visually exhausting, and makes it more difficult for your potential buyers to envision their own items in the space.  This is a great opportunity (and/or excuse) to donate that loveseat from 1986.tumblr mrqil8xGxs1rolzgko1 500 Random Inspiration 127 | Architecture, Cars, Style & Gear 3.  Clean the doors; they are one of the first things buyers encounter.  A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will be your saving grace when wiping down the most-touched things in your house, one of them being the doors!  Remove unsightly fingerprints, layers of dust, dirt, and debris for brighter, fresher looking entry-ways! this is a perfect door for my kitchen to the back hallway.  I like being able to see thru it but will keep heat inside. 4.  The kitchen is one of the most exciting rooms for a potential home-owner to explore.  To keep your kitchen looking its best during your open house, clear your counter tops of any food, newspapers and magazines, or decor.  A fresh surface will enhance the overall quality of the room, and make the space seem larger. white kitchen cabinets grey countertops - Google Search Like the cabinet style not the handles or bench top colour 5.  When doing your last-minute walk-through before your guests start to arrive, open all of the doors in the interior of your home.  This is a fantastic way to show how much hidden space your home has.  This also allows your potential buyers to feel more comfortable transitioning from room to room without a guide. White door with vertical box makes the room and door look taller,white doors look best with wooden flooring Good luck hosting your open house!

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