November 21, 2018

Inside The Actress’ Kitchen

What are the women of Hollywood cooking?  We can’t answer that, but we can invite you inside the actress’ kitchen!  Check out where some of your favorite actresses saute, grill, and well, get cookin’!

Winona Ryder Kitchen Art Tatta

The built-in wall shelving in Ryder’s kitchen is both functional and chic.

Girl, Interrupted star, Winona Ryder has a rustic, Spanish-feel to her cozy kitchen.  The brick backsplash ties in perfectly with the light wood-grained countertop and neutral tones.  Ryder keeps this kitchen decor clutter-free with simple details, such as glass containers and chrome accents.

Ellen Pompeo Kitchen Art Tatta

Laid back and city chic, Ellen Pompeo’s kitchen seems to be a comfortable and welcoming environment.

McDreamy may not be in Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo’s kitchen, but it’s still well accessorized.  Her welcoming kitchen is perfect for a night of friends and comfortable hosting.  The roomy shelving and personal touches add a relaxed artistic vibe that is completely original and refreshing.  If you are looking for a design similar to this, take your time when collecting pieces for your kitchen for a sense of style that is all your own.

Meg Ryan Kitchen Art Tatta

The high ceilings and large windows are refreshing in Ryan’s kitchen.

Romance film queen Meg Ryan is quirky, classic, and loveable, and her kitchen exudes the same tone!  The high ceilings and tall windows welcome light, and clear glass jars with bright fruits catch your eye.  The seemingly vintage island and chair look like Meg’s perfect place to review scripts or read a great book with a warm cup of tea.  All in all, this kitchen is romantic and classic.

Drew Barrymore Kitchen Art Tatta

The colorful tile ties into the island table and gives a great vintage feel to Barrymore’s kitchen.

The cheerful and quirky actress Drew Barrymore is known to have a home that completely resonates with her free-spirit whimsy.  The soft yellow island and checkered tiling gives the kitchen a refreshing beam.  Check out her  hidden storage beneath the island between the chairs!  Barrymore’s kitchen maintains a crisp feel amidst the retro-chic with a touch of chrome, and glossy wooden countertops.

Which kitchen do you love best?  Stay tuned for more sneak peeks into celebrity homes on Art Tatta Real Estate!

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