October 19, 2018

Final Walk-Through Checklist

When purchasing a home, the final walk-through before your closing is an important step.  It allows you to ensure that first-hand any repairs listed in the sales agreement have been complete and to inspect the condition of the property.  Because the process of buying a home can sometimes be lengthy, a lot can change between the first time you see the home and the date of the actual closing.  Don’t be tempted to skip this step!

You can create a checklist of items to look for when you complete this final walk-through of your soon-to-be home.  Bring a list of any repairs that the seller agreed to make before the closing so you don’t forget to inspect anything.  You should also make sure any appliances included with the home are still in place and working.  Look around for any signs of damage or disrepair, mold, or pests that weren’t present on your last visit and take note of them.  It may be helpful to bring a copy of the sales agreement with you to make sure you won’t be surprised by anything after the closing.

During the walk-through, you should not neglect to look at the exterior of the home and walk around the property.  If the area has experienced any severe weather, damage to the windows, siding, or roof may be present.

A complete walk-through also allows you to make sure the home is reasonably clean and clear of the previous owner’s personal belongings.

For a detailed list of things to include on your final walk-through checklist, talk to your real estate agent.  You can also find ready-to-use checklists online, such as this one.

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