October 20, 2018

Floors with Attitude

By Sharon McCormick

Carpet, hardwood, and area rugs cover the vast majority of floors.  While each of these materials come in a huge variety of colors and styles, you do have another, more dramatic and creative, flooring option:  Paint!

Painted chevron floors, design by Merrilee McGehee

This is such a stunning look.  Infinitely customizable, from a solid color to any number of patterns, painted floors offer a unique look for your home.  I’d strongly suggest doing a lot of research if you plan to tackle this kind of job yourself.  Or, contact a professional who will know how to properly prep the floors, which products to use for the best longevity, and offer the best advice on caring for your painted floor.  Done properly, a painted floor is as simple to maintain as hardwood.

Love this! Why didn’t I think of it? (from Casa Sugar)

The possibilities for painted floors are just endless — colorful and warm for a beach house, elegant and subtle for a dining room, or whimsical for a child’s play room.  What room would you decorate with a painted floor?

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